Sunday, January 09, 2011

PalArabs pretend to have identified Arafat's "poison"

Firas Press reports that the former Special Adviser Yasser Arafat has, after months of painstaking research, determined the likely poison agent used to "assassinate" Arafat: Thallium.

According to the adviser, Bassam Abu Sharif, "British and European toxins experts are unfamiliar with this poison, but a specialist in criminal investigation on the murder by poison knows about it and and it is very effective, and there is no antidote to stop it after five hours of injection or being eaten."

Abu Sharif adds that "the expert who has done research confirmed that this poison works slowly to destroy the internal organs of the victim one after the other (liver - kidney - lung - and then the brain) and that the period of time to kill a man with this poison varies from person to person based on [various factors]. This period ranges from two to eight months, which gives an opportunity for offenders to escape from the crime scene."

The supposed "expert" looks like a scam artist who took money from Abu Sharif to pretend to unravel the mystery of how a man who died from AIDS can be credibly made to appear to have been poisoned by Israel. In fact, thallium poisoning usually is seen quite quickly and there is an antidote known to scientists since the 1960s - Prussian blue.

Oh well. Better luck next time!

(h/t Folderol)