Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now you can be a subscriber to EoZ! And other administrivia.

A few weeks ago, I quietly added an option to subscribe to Elder of Ziyon via email on the left-hand sidebar. Subscribers get a daily digest of all my posts. About 30 people have done it so far, which isn't bad considering I never mentioned it.

I also added a widget to keep track of how many people read the blog via RSS - in other words, readers that do not read it through the website, but using tools like Google Reader or My Yahoo. That number is over 1300 at the moment, which means that close to half of my daily readers are using RSS.

Speaking of subscriptions, for those who want to support the blog financially (and help justify my many hours of work on the blog to Mrs. Elder), I added a PayPal method where you can be automatically be charged a dollar or two (or five or ten) a month. If you think that this blog is worth that much to you, please consider donating or subscribing via the PayPal buttons on the upper right side. I thank those who already did!

So far today I have either posted or queued 16 articles, which is high even for me. Some of them are what would be considered scoops by any newspaper.

The blog does take a lot of time and effort, but I hope that I provide you with information - and entertainment -that is worthwhile and valuable.

If your life has been enriched by the articles you've read here, please donate what you think it is worth or set up an automatic monthly payment.

Thanks again!