Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Morning links

Jonathan Halevi at JCPA has a monograph on Hamas' continuing genocidal intent - even while people continue to call for Israel to talk to Hamas.

Michael Horesh has a nice posting about European investment in the PA.

Fatah says that Hamas arrested over 3000 of its loyalists in 2010 in Gaza.

Charles Jacobs writes an important piece on "Jewish malware:Why is World Jewry So Bad at Defending Itself?"

Jews may be susceptible to a particular type of rhetorical virus, so devastating that once implanted it prevents them from acting in their own self-defense and turns otherwise eloquent people into stuttering blockheads. The worm is simple, and ancient. It’s called “accusation.”

Accuse the Jews. Accuse them unfairly and with such disproportionate frequency that anyone who wishes to can see there’s an agenda at work that has little to do with the actual charges raised. Accuse the Jews and they instinctively, like moths fly to candles, start believing they can cleverly explain themselves, and convince their accusers of their innocence and their goodness.

I mentioned the Jewish and Zionist frontman for the heavy metal band Disturbed. There is an Israeli heavy-metal band that is gaining Arab fans too.

And for those who think that I shouldn't only highlight Latma's brand of right-wing humor, here is a funny piece from Israeli comedy program Eretz Nehederet that skewers the Right:

(h/t Yerushalimey and Gidon)