Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mondoweiss supports a**holes

The anti-Israel hatesite Mondoweiss posts this about the Macy Gray story:
On her twitter account late on Wednesday night, Gray posted a response to one of her followers: “@bahebakyagaza See I'm willing to listen - really listen - but some of you so called boycotters are just assholes.” I prefer to call us killjoys, if one believes there is joy in saying ‘Yes!’ to normalization of the military occupation, and ‘Go for it!’ to turning a blind eye to the passing of racist, McCarthyite bills in the Knesset, ‘making the world happier’ by ignoring the 'bullies' who call for Israeli leaders to be prosecuted for war-crimes.
While Gray's tweet was fun to read, no one is looking at the tweet by bahebakyagaza that made her react that way.

He said:
@MacyGrayslife supports aparthied....and entertains the muderous IDF...BDS..boycott this lover of filthy israeli lucre.....#boycott
Gray's tweet seems to have described him perfectly.

And the Mondoweiss writer, "Eleanor K", clearly considers herself to be just like bahebakyagaza.

So, if the shoe fits...

(h/t Zach)