Sunday, January 16, 2011

Islamic leader in Israel demands mezuzot be removed from Old City gates

From The Muqata, a translation of an article in Ma'ariv:
The Israeli Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, led by Sheikh Raed Salah, is now demanding the removal of all "Mezuzot" on the gates of Jerusalem's Old City.

According to the movement, the mezuzot are an attempt to Judaize the "Arab heritage" of the Old City.

In a statement issued by the movement, it stated that during a patrol in the Old City, they saw mezuzot on the various gates, and Jews touching the mezuzot as they passed through the gates.

"This is a disgusting attempt to Judaize the Arab and Islamic heritage of the Old City," the statement said, "and all the relevant Islamic institutions are called up to to act quickly to remove the mezuzot."

Mahmoud Abu Atta, spokesman for the institution "Mossad Al-Aqsa" said that he sees these mezuzahs "as continued attempts to Judaize the Old City. A Mezuzah is put on the door of a Jewish home yet this [the Old City of Jerusalem] is an Arab city."

A mezuza is a (protected) parchment handwritten with Judaism's holiest profession of faith, the Sh'ma, Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21. The Sh'ma itself is the source for Jewish law mandating that its words be affixed to the doorposts and gates of all areas controlled by Jews.

It is most appropriate to have mezuzot on the gates of Judaism's holy city!