Monday, January 03, 2011

Iran's PressTV says Zionists behind church bombing

I mentioned that Islamic Jihad blamed "Zionists' for the deadly Egyptian church bombing.

Now Iran's official media is doing the same.

From PressTV:
Although, at first glance, the finger is pointed at extremist Wahabi or Salafi groups, it goes without saying that no Muslim, whatever their political leanings may be, will ever commit such an inhumane act.

Attacks on churches in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia can be analyzed in the context of a Zionist scenario aimed at driving a wedge between Muslims and Arab Christians.

Since the emergence of Islam, Muslims and Christians in the East have always coexisted peacefully as Islam pays due respect to the freedom of divine faiths -- especially Christianity.

In Egypt, too, Muslims and Christians are living in peace and harmony. Never, ever have the Christians in Egypt complained of any problems keeping them from carrying out their religious duties.

The fresh plot by terrorists to target churches is an organized Zionist scenario aimed at creating a rift between Muslims and Christians.
How's that for an airtight argument? But it gets better:
Suicide attacks on churches in Egypt and the killing of Christians are part of the psychological warfare launched by the US, the UK and Israel to divide Christians and Muslims.

...All the existing evidence proves that the Alexandria church explosion, though appearing to have been carried out by extremist groups, is the handiwork of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.
Needless to say, the author does not mention a single shred of this evidence.

A wonderful example of Islamic logic.

UPDATE: A Lebanese Muslim politician has added his voice to the nutcases as well.