Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hamas plot to attack soccer stadium with a missile

From YNet:
Two Hamas members from east Jerusalem were indicted Sunday on suspicion of planning to fire a missile at Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium during an Israeli premier league soccer match. Their remand was extended by two weeks.

According to a Shin Bet investigation, the two men – Moussa Hamada of Sur Baher and Bassam Omri of Beit Safafa – began planning the terrorist activity after the Israeli operation in Gaza. One of their plans was to fire at missile at the stadium during a soccer match.

The two visited a hill overlooking the stadium in order to locate the best place for the attack and collected information on the area. However their plan did not materialize into action.

The investigation revealed that the two – who were also active in the Muslim Brotherhood movement – purchased a number of guns and attempted to buy rifles and explosive devices. Moussa's cousins, Mahmoud and Amer Hamada, were involved in the weapons' purchase and in attempts to hide them.
If Israel is pressured to move to the 1949 armistice lines, Teddy Stadium (as well as countless other sites in Jerusalem) is in easy range of any Arab who wants to build a Qassam:

(h/t Islamo-nazism blog)