Sunday, January 09, 2011

For those who like to use Ma'an as a reliable source...

Today's Ma'an (English) says:
The Palestinians will achieve a historic triumph in any future confrontation with Israel, but the toll will be heavy on the Palestinian side, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar said Saturday.

"We are only a few steps away from achieving a historic triumph which might cost us a large number of our children. However, in the coming confrontation with the Zionist entity, we will realize our ancestors' dream and return history to the right track," Zahhar said

The Hamas official made the comments at a ceremony held to commemorate the second anniversary of a massacre at the UN-controlled Al-Fakhoura school in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.

The school which was bombarded by Israeli forces during Operation Cast Lead, a three-week offensive that began in December 2008.
Even the UNRWA admitted that no shells hit the school:
...[T]he Situation Report of 7 January referred to ‘the shelling of the UNRWA school in Jabalia.’ The Humanitarian Coordinator would like to clarify that the shelling, and all of the fatalities, took place outside rather than inside the school.
In fact, the shells hit a street outside the school, from which there had been mortar fire according to witnesses, and at least three and possibly as many as 10 militants were killed in the IDF response.

Western media will often quote Ma'an as if it is a real news source. They should think twice.