Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arabs saying that Jerusalem is not...Jerusalem

MEMRI reports:
At a conference convened in Damascus by the Palestinian Culture Institute and the Palestinian Center for Documents and Manuscripts, participants claimed that the Zionists have forged archeological artifacts and inscriptions to back up their claims about Jerusalem. The general coordinator of the Arab Archeologists Union, Muhammad Bahjat Qubaisi, said that there are historical proofs that Al-Quds is not Biblical Jerusalem, adding that none of the Zionist claims are supported by ancient texts from the region.
Well, except for the ones are are.

The original article is here.

Meanwhile, Palestine Today quotes Secretary-General of the Arab League for Palestine Affairs Mohamed Sabih as warning against Israel's "Judaizing" of Jerusalem.

Sabih charged that the Jews were falsifying history by saying that Jerusalem is Jewish - and then he stated that "Egyptians built 90% of the city of Jerusalem."