Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Abu Rahma Lawfare

Palestine Today says that the Abu Rahma family is planning to sue the IDF for the death of Jawaher, which they claim was caused by tear gas.

Her brother Ahmed narrates a tale of her death that seems at odds with what her cousins told Ha'aretz. He describes what happened when she collapsed as if he was there, but her cousins say that he came later with the ambulance.

He also said that she had attended many protests and had never been affected by the tear gas before.

The entire family seems to be heavily involved in the weekly Bil'in riots. Besides her brother Samir who is the ringleader, we see that Ahmed also protests, and three weeks ago the IDF released a Bil'in rioter from prison named Adeeb Abu Rahma, possibly a cousin. And who provided the photos to the ISM in that article? Hamde Abu Rahma, the same person who claimed on Facebook that she was at her home.

So when the family of agitators, rioters and liars (remember, Samir went on TV saying that the soldiers shot "phosphorus") says they want to sue, it is not for justice - it is for politics.

And in the end, they won't, because that would reveal facts about the case that they would rather not have publicized.