Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abbas pardons and forgives female Hamas terrorist

From JPost:
How can you not forgive this face?
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday ordered the release of a Hamas woman who had been arrested by the PA security forces in the West Bank on suspicion of planning attacks on senior Palestinian officials.

The woman, Tamam Abu Saud, was part of a Hamas cell that allegedly planned to assassinate the PA governor of Nablus and attack various Fatah-affiliated institutions in the West Bank.

PA security sources said that Abbas decided to release Abu Saud after she appealed to him and asked for forgiveness.

The sources claimed that Abbas accepted her appeal although she had previously confessed to the charges against her.

“The release of the woman is a humanitarian gesture by President Mahmoud Abbas, who is the caring and passionate father of all Palestinians, including those who commit mistakes,” the sources said.
See? Abbas is a moderate! He can compromise with vicious terrorist organizations whenever he wants to!