Friday, December 24, 2010

"This Week in the Middle East"

The Guardian's Brian Whitaker started a new weekly feature:
This is the start of a regular weekly look at the Middle East, focusing on some of the issues and stories that you may have missed. If there's something you would like to see included, send an email to brian.whitaker@guardian.co.uk

So since he is gracious enough to make such a request, I'm emailing him about these stories that I posted about this week that he "may have missed" himself:

* Palestinian Arab family sends their mentally handicapped son to be killed by Israel
* One of the Guardian's competing newspapers interviewed a former Iranian diplomat who confirms that the country has an active nuclear weapons program
* Gazans prefer Israeli goods over goods smuggled from Arab countries
* Iran faces an economic crisis
* An explosion in a crowded Gaza neighborhood was apparently a secret stash of Hamas munitions
* Wikileaks: No one is guarding Yemen's nuclear materials
* Syria's President Assad bizarrely ignores Middle East history and blames all problems on "occupation"
* Hamas beat and arrested Gazan children for raising a Fatah banner
* Arabs burying their dead in Israeli-controlled Area C as a land grab
* A Gaza Salafi leader calls for an end to rocket attacks on Israeli civilians
* Plus a couple of animal stories

I ask my readers to feel free to email him whenever I or another blogger posts something the Guardian may have missed.

You're welcome, Brian!

(h/t Yerushalimey)