Monday, December 20, 2010

Hamas beats children raising Fatah banner

Palestine Press Agency reports that Hamas beat and arrested children in Gaza for raising a Fatah banner last night.

According to the report,
Today [Hamas] arrested of a minor child Mohammed Abu Harbeed (13 years old) and other children, and tortured and beat them with batons and blindfolded them in the cold, for raising the banners of the Fatah movement.

A Fatah spokesman said that 'these practices are incompatible with the principles of national and moral traditions and customs, and with human rights and international covenants and instruments, which provide for the protection of the rights of children, as well as inconsistent with the teachings of our religion."
Besides the inherent humor of a terrorist group lecturing another terrorists group about morality, the last phrase forces one to ask: what about all those history books that claim that Fatah is a secular movement?

At the same time, the governor of the Khan Younis territory, also affilitated with Fatah, was arrested by Hamas for the third of fourth time.