Friday, December 31, 2010

Hamas destroys a building. No one cares.

Azmi Desouki wanted to start a business in Gaza, and since people are always getting married, he decided to build a wedding hall in Khan Younis.

He received all the necessary licenses and completed all the paperwork needed, and built it. The hall was nearly ready to be opened.

Yesterday, according to Palestine Press Agency, Hamas destroyed it.

The reason? None was given, but it is assumed that it was political, as Desouki identifies with Fatah.

However, there are not armies of international journalists, living in comfortable hotels, ready to pounce on Hamas' demolition of buildings of political opponents, especially in an area where it is difficult to get building material to begin with.

No "Imams for Human Rights" putting out press releases, no "Gaza Committee Against Demolitions" demanding justice, nothing.

Apparently, having a totalitarian government that suppresses the press and NGOs pays off in spades.