Thursday, December 09, 2010

Excerpt: EoZ's Hasbara 2.0 lecture

Here is a small part of what I said on Tuesday night at my Hasbara 2.0 lecture, part 2 of my 14-part section on "How to Be a Reporter."

I added an example, and when I get to making a video of the entire speech I will try to annotate and show examples in the video that I did not necessarily show during the lecture.

It will be a few weeks before I can get the entire speech ready for distribution, but this is how I envision the video will look.

What inspired me to create this section right now was an email I received from an Israeli activist I know who saw my Huckabee video, which mirrored one of the points I spoke about:

Thanks very much for making and posting the video - if it weren't for you, those wonderful speeches would disappear into thin air.
(I'm surprised that the Bet El didn't post the official video they made of the event. I will try to make that happen)
 Would you have a video of the first 5 min or so of Huckabee's talk? I know it was just warm-up material, but I'd like to include it when showing your videos to people who weren't at the dinner.

So we have an example of effective Hasbara in action: the Huckabee videos I uploaded have already been viewed more than 3000 times, an Israeli activist is showing it to more people, and he makes a request that I am more than happy to fulfill (Huckabee's first five minutes were mostly jokes - some pretty good ones - but I didn't think they were relevant and they would have put my Part 1 video past YouTube's time limit so I had edited it out. Now because it would help someone, I uploaded it to YouTube here.)

This was the sort of stuff I spoke about - practical, relevant ways that individuals or groups can help Israel from their own desks, all at little or zero cost, and how these actions can be amplified and multiplied to reach the greatest number of people possible.