Thursday, December 02, 2010

Deadly Carmel fire: Arson? (updated)

UPDATE: The Muqata is liveblogging the fire.

The fire that raced through the Carmel forest this morning, killing at least 40 people, is an unbelievable tragedy.

But was it arson?

From the Montreal Gazette quoting the Daily Telegraph:
Initial reports suggested that the fire had started in four different areas, but police said it was too soon to presume that arson was the cause of the blaze.

One thing is almost certain: Arab terrorist supporters are keenly interested in something that could so easily kill dozens of Jews. And during this drought that Israel is going through, it is way too easy to imagine what might happen next.

UPDATE 2: Guess who the Palestinian Arab blame for the fire? Their eternal bogeymen, the "settlers!"

They don't quite explain the logic, but I'm sure it goes something like "the settlers set the fire hoping to kill scores of people just so they could blame it on us."

The fact that a PalArab official even sees a reason to blame Israelis for something that could have started naturally is already an indication that he is trying to misdirect. Wonder why.
(h/t Zach)

UPDATE 3: From Jed in the comments:
According to photos by a pilot the fire started at one place, Osafia. Fire trucks were very late. Possibly they were burning garbage.