Friday, December 24, 2010

Brother of Syrian nuclear scientist vanishes

The brother of Marah Ahmed al-Homsy, a scientist working for the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission, has been reported missing in Cairo.

According to al-Homsy, her brother had accompanied her to Cairo where she was scheduled to attend a conference organized by the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority on 17 December. The two had been staying at a well-known hotel in Cairo's Dokki neighborhood.

“My brother abruptly disappeared on Tuesday and his phone remains switched off,” al-Homsy said.

Before her brother's disappearance, al-Homsy said she thought "there had been a car following us from time to time.”

She went on to say that her brother, Mohamed, 27, did not know anyone in Egypt, nor was he known to have any enemies.

“We checked with all the police stations and hospitals but found no trace of him,” said al-Homsy's lawyer, Mazen Shikho.

A security source said that hotel personnel had seen Mohamed exit the hotel, leaving all his belongings in the room, on the day of his disappearance.