Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkish "humanitarians" funding Islamic Jihad terrorists

Palestine Today, a mouthpiece of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, has an article about how charitable PIJ is during the current Eid al Adha holiday. They are distributing sacrificial animals to some 20,000 families this week.

This is not unusual. Islamic terror groups routinely have fairly large social services divisions to give charity. This is an effective recruitment tool for jihad, but there is also another way to look at it: the jihadists look at charity and terror as equally important obligations in Islam. Since they use religious justification for "lesser jihad" it is, it their minds, just as important as charity. (It also helps dupe Westerners into thinking that the "social service" wings of these groups imply some sort of moderation, when in fact it proves that their terror is not done out of hate but out of a sense of a religious imperative equal in importance to charity.)

The article mentions that the funds for this Eid charity push is coming from Turkish humanitarian organizations.

This means that there is a money trail between Turkish "charities," such as IHH, and terror groups.

Not that this is a surprise to people who watch these things closely, but it is another indication that Islamic "charity" groups often support terror organizations - because, to them, the Islamic imperative for charity and terror is identical.