Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey arrests 25 Palestinian Arabs!

Turkey is such a friend to Palestinian Arabs, trying to help them improve their lives, sending aid ships, and so forth. Right?
Turkish authorities announced they arrested 25 Palestinian immigrants in northwestern Turkey who were trying to sneak into European countries in search of a better life.

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet today reports that the Turkish security forces managed to arrest these illegal immigrants from Palestine while conducting inspections on the roads leading into the province of Edirne in north-west Turkey.

The paper said the investigation of the illegal immigrants who were detained is still ongoing.

The thousands of illegal immigrants each year pass through Turkey on their way to Greece and other European countries.
Why doesn't Turkey open its doors to all Palestinian Arabs, their fellow Muslims, who want to immigrate?

It seems Turkey's sympathy for the poor, oppressed Palestinian Arabs disappears when it is at Turkey's expense.

I wonder if they were they really from "Palestine" or from Lebanon. If Arabs from under PA rule are so desperate to leave their homeland when they are already living under PA autonomy, that would explode the myth of how Palestinian Arabs prefer unity over their own interests - the myth that has guided official Arab policy towards Palestinian Arabs for decades.