Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Some morning quickies

NYT's Lede blog talks about the controversy over Alfred Grosser, anti-Israel Holocaust survivor, speaking at a Kristallnacht commemoration - where he plans to condemn Israel. (CORRECTION: He is German born but not a Holocaust survivor.)

If you want to see the first episode of Israel's Dancing With the Stars, with Pamela Anderson, you can easily waste 72 minutes of your life here. I skipped around until I heard her review someone's dancing, and she only spoke about the contestants' great hair. (Ynet slammed the program.) (h/t Joel)

The al-Isawiyya neighborhood in Jerusalem is quickly turning into a cesspool, where any non-Arab who dares enter gets stoned. We mentioned the Israelis who were lured there and almost lynched, and later an ambulance trying to save an Arab's life was stoned nearby as well. Today some Israeli car inspectors were stoned by hundreds of Arab schoolchildren.

Ha'aretz says that low-level Shin Bet officials met with Hamas and Islamic Jihad political leaders in the West Bank over coffee, and the PA is not amused. (The Islamic Jihad member present denies the story, saying that they only threatened to arrest him but he stood firm and the Shin Bet left with their tails between their legs.)

Israel Matzav goes into detail on who exactly was behind the hecklers who disrupted PM Netanyahu's speech in New Orleans.

Soccer Dad does what he has been doing for many years now - showing yet again that Thomas Friedman is a blowhard.