Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The parliamentarian who wants to destroy her own state

The Islamo-Nazism blog notices an amazing interview translated by MEMRI (video here):

Following are excerpts from an interview with Israeli Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi, which aired on Al-Hiwar TV on October 9, 2010:
Hanin Zoabi: The national plan of our party, the National Democratic Assembly, consists of a fully sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, and a non-Zionist “state of all its citizens” within the 1948 borders. Note this. In Israel they say to us: “Your solution is more dangerous than the one-state solution, because you want a state and a half.” In Israel they say that we want another Palestinian state. This is the plan of the Assembly Party: a fully sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, and a non-Zionist, non-Jewish state within the 1948 borders...
Interviewer: To which the refugees will return. That is an important condition. 
Hanin Zoabi: This is a basic condition. Of course it includes the return of the refugees. 
Interviewer: In other words, you oppose the so-called two-state solution. 
Hanin Zoabi: Ultimately, there will be two states, but not like Livni and Netanyahu want. 
Interviewer: Nor the two-state solution of the PA...
Hanin Zoabi: No. Definitely not. Our solution is fundamentally different with regard to the 1948 borders.
Our solution will open up the possibility for other solutions, which may later be imposed by the reality, like the solution of one binational state.
Interviewer: I would like to know how you, within the 1948 borders, view the PA. I would like an honest answer. Do you, Hanin Zoabi, say “President Shimon Peres” or “President Mahmoud Abbas”? Who would you describe more as your president?
Hanin Zoabi: Shimon Peres is not my president. There is no room for comparison. Despite all the political disagreements [with Mahmoud Abbas]... 
Sometimes it seems that Israel takes the concept of democracy a bit too far. No other nation would tolerate a member of their parliament actively, and admittedly, trying to destroy it.

It staggers the imagination. Zoabi should be in prison, not Knesset.