Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice shooting

From Ma'an:
Israeli aircraft targeted Gaza's most populous city Wednesday, killing two Palestinian men.

Witnesses said a drone strike targeted a white Subaru just off central Gaza City's Al-Wehda street, leaving a hole in the ground.

The car was ripped in half, the back blown 10 meters from the front with other pieces littering the street. Power lines were damaged in the blast. Black stains from smoke and fire could be seen on an adjacent building.

The strike came at sundown on the second night of the Eid Al Adha holiday, in a busy section of the city.
Awful! Terrible! Israel targeting random brothers just going for a drive, and in a busy section of the city!

But...did anyone else even get injured? Apparently not.

And were they just innocent civilians? Apparently not, as Ma'an reluctantly goes on to say:
An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the assassination, which was the second in two weeks.

She said "a senior operative belonging to the terrorist group Army of Islam was targeted" because the group, a radical Islamist organization, was plotting to attack Israeli citizens in the Sinai.

Medics also said the two casualties were likely members of the Army of Islam.
Last week Egypt arrested some 25 members of the same group in the Sinai, not only because of threats to Israelis but also threats to US peacekeeping troops in the Sinai.