Sunday, November 21, 2010

Muslims claim they invented etiquette

Felesteen, a Hamas newspaper, has an article that starts off with an anecdote of a British girl who converted to Islam and then noticed, six months later, that all the rules of etiquette that she grew up with were first found in the Koran!

The article goes on to show how the West "stole" the rules of etiquette from Islam.


Honoring parents? In the Koran! (Also in the Torah, which predates the Koran by a couple thousand years.)

Don't enter a house before knocking? In the Koran! (Also in the Talmud, quoting Ben Sira from hundreds of years earlier, Nidah 10b - including not entering one's own house suddenly.)

I admit I didn't understand most of the other examples, so, who knows, maybe Islam invented proper place-settings for a formal meal.