Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Meanwhile, in Baghdad... (Zvi)

From Zvi:

Iraqi hospital and police officials say blasts ripping through Baghdad's mostly Shiite neighborhoods have killed at least 76 people and wounded some 200.

The blasts took place in at least 10 neighborhoods across the capital Tuesday evening.

"Ten cars exploded with bombs inside them. There were also four roadside bombs and two sticky bombs," Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim al-Moussawi said. "(They were) all in Shiite neighborhoods."

One of the biggest explosions appeared to target restaurants and cafes in the Shiite slum of Sadr City. Earlier, a police source in the area said 15 people had been killed and another 23 wounded.

The blasts come just two days after gunmen in Baghdad held a Christian congregation hostage in a siege that ended with 58 people dead.
This is horrible. It is horrible that Baghdadis should live in fear of this kind of purposeful, evil, savage and unlimited violence.  
The bodies will be buried, and life will go on, and people - even most Iraqis, unless they lost loved ones or saw it happen in front of them - will forget these terrorist attacks. It is just not convenient to remember them. There won't be a movement to memorialize the civilian victims of 2 November, who were going about their daily shopping or chatting in restaurants when they were all murdered together. There won't be a demonstration in London, or Tehran, or Oslo, and Muslim leaders will not call on their communities to denounce the jihadis who evidently committed these atrocities.  
Iraq Body Count identifies 3205 non-combatant deaths in 2010 alone. And in fact, NEARLY EVERY MONTH for the last 7 years, the number of Muslims deliberately slaughtered by Islamist terrorists, Baathists, Iranian-allied militias and related thugs in Iraq vastly exceeds the number of civilians killed in a mostly accidental fashion during Cast Lead.  
I'm still waiting for the commentators, who blame global anti-Semitism on Cast Lead, the Hizballah war or "extremist settlers" (who have killed how many Bank Arab in the last 5 years? As far as I know, ZERO) to explain why European and Middle Eastern Muslims are NOT holding riots to denounce al Qaeda for slaughtering SO MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE. So many innocent Muslims. I'm still waiting for Middle Eastern journalists to use the same blood-soaked terms to describe mass-murdering Islamists that they use to describe Israeli settlers who have not killed anyone.  
I'm still waiting for an indication that the hysterical rage nurtured and aimed at Israel is anything other than a supreme act of hypocrisy.