Monday, November 15, 2010

Links, links and more links

Daphne Anson has a fascinating article about the British plans to transfer Arabs out of Palestine - that were largely opposed by Jews! (h/t Silke)

As Suzanne reported, the Iranian weightlifter who dared to stand respectfully during the playing of the Hatikva, and the head of the Iranian team, are now banned from all sports. (h/t jhrhv)

An Israeli student was attacked by a mob of Muslims students in Italy.

Israeligirl has some great reporting on how Iran is cracking down on critics in anticipation of being forced to raise prices on basic staples.

The IDF rescues an elderly woman at the Lebanese border. For some reason, the Lebanese army didn't shoot this time. (h/t Elder of Lobby)

Dan Gillerman on the folly of public negotiations over the freeze. (h/t Israellycool)

Samson looks at the next likely "temporary" settlement freeze, and is not happy with what he sees.

JoeSettler of The Muqata is even less happy, saying that the very idea of linking the American veto of anti-Israel resolutions in the UN with Jews building in Judea and Samaria is putting America's soul on the line.

Tea from the Galilee winning over the British - but don't say "Made in Israel." Bad for business.