Monday, November 15, 2010

Iran's PressTV: "Israel refuses fuel for Gaza." Truth: Opposite.

From Iran's PressTV:
Israel has refused to supply fuel to the Gaza Strip's main electricity plant as power outages have intensified in the besieged coastal sliver.

There have been up to twelve hours of power outages in Gaza.

Gaza's main power plant has two turbine generators and only one of them works due to fuel shortages, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Israel refuses to allow diesel into Gaza, which has been under an all-out Israeli blockade since 2007.

Gazans use small electricity generators to meet their electricity needs.
The IDF Spokesperson blog says, on the contrary, that the amount of fuel entering Gaza last week was 1.7 million liters. The week before it was 1.3 million.

From Palestine Press Agency (Arabic):
The [Gaza] Electricity Distribution Company and the Palestinian Energy Authority that they were able to run a second generator in Gaza's only power station on Sunday afternoon.

A spokesman explained that this will continue until midnight on Wednesday as long as there is enough fuel.

He explained that the operation of the second unit will increase the productive capacity of the power plant from 30 megawatts to 60 megawatts, which will improve significantly the distribution of electricity applied to the program in the areas of the provinces of Gaza during the period.
As we've mentioned in the past, the major obstacle to providing fuel to Gaza has been their ability to pay the bills (and sometimes Hamas restrictions), not any restrictions on Israel's part.

I have noticed that many anti-Israel sites will rely on PressTV for their lies. Iran certainly makes it easy for them: the articles are already written in decent English and seemingly authoritative. The only pesky problem is that they make up their stories, but the truth is not a pre-requisite when your entire purpose is to demonize the Jewish state.