Monday, November 08, 2010

Invisible convoy arrives in Gaza

35 trucks of food and medicine arrived in Egypt's El Arish port today to be sent to Gaza.

They include some 500 tons of food and refrigerated trucks with medicine.

It was coordinated between the UAE's Red Crescent, Egypt, UNRWA and Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza.

No one is reporting this story.

The reason? Because the purpose of this aid convoy is - surprise! - aid. It is not meant to be a political statement, it is not meant to demonize Israel, it is not meant to support Hamas. The entire purpose is to provide aid to those who need it.

The contrast with George Galloway's Viva Palestina could not be starker. In that case, the aid was a mere prop to the real purpose of the trip. Both of them carried some 500 tons of aid - but one of them only cared about making noise.

While Viva Palestina said that they had "broken the blockade," they had done no such thing. Aid from Arab nations has been routinely coming to Gaza through Egypt. Israel has no problems with giving legitimate humanitarian aid for Gazans, except in the fevered imagination of Israel-haters more interested in photo-ops with terrorists than with the actual people of Gaza.

This was a real humanitarian aid convoy. The ships and trucks from the terror-supporters are gimmicks.

The absence of any Western media reporting this story shows that journalists are more than happy to play their part in the charade of "aid boats" and "aid convoys."