Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good news! Arabs who want to destroy Israel down from 90.7% to 83.1%!

AWRAD has just completed a new survey of Palestinian Arabs in the territories.

In answer to the question:
With regard to the final status of Palestine and Israel please indicate which of the following you consider to be Essential, Desirable, Acceptable, Tolerable, or Unacceptable as part of a peace agreement.
The number of people who said "Essential" or "Desirable" to the option "Historic Palestine – From the Jordan River to the sea" is now 83.1% (64.8% "Essential"). This is an improvement over their August survey, when the total percentage who wanted a single Arab state was at 90.7% (78.2% "Essential.")

See how moderate they are?

In another indication of how flexible the Palestinian Arabs are in desiring a realistic peace with Israel, the AWRAD asked a new question:

If Palestinian negotiators delivered a peace settlement that includes a Palestinian State but had to make compromises on key issues (right of return, Jerusalem, borders, settlements, etc.) to do so would you support the result?

85.2% of the respondents said a flat "NO."

So even if the US and Quartet could cajole Abbas to accept a compromise in an area that "everybody knows" requires one - namely, no "right of return" and territorial compromise with large Jewish settlement blocs as a part of Israel - the Palestinian Arabs themselves, raised up with intransigence and a massive sense of entitlement, would not accept it.

And Hamas and Islamic Jihad would be waiting for their new recruits with open arms.

But don't let facts get in the way of the holy "peace process." That problem, like many others, can wait until Day 1 of "Palestine."

And when that day comes, people will start to look back at today - when very few people are being killed on both sides and there is relative prosperity and autonomy in the West Bank - with nostalgia.

(h/t Daled Amos)