Sunday, November 07, 2010

Gaza businessmen must be really stupid

From Ma'an:
Nablus businessman Munib Al-Masri on Sunday toured industrial projects being carried out by the Palestine Development and Investment Company in the Gaza Strip.

The West Bank multimillionaire told journalists Friday that after three years of waiting, his company decided to inaugurate a five-star hotel in the northern Gaza Strip. The hotel was completed in 2007, but its opening was delayed due to the dire conditions in the Strip.
I guess this is another successful businessman who doesn't read the papers enough to realize that Gaza is filled with poor, starving people to whom a luxury hotel would be a cruel joke, how no one in Gaza can afford even the basics that are for sale there, and how such a project is doomed to failure.

This comes on the heels of the announcement of another Gaza mall that is equally doomed.

It's almost like these people expect to make money in a place that is universally regarded as one of the worst places on Earth. How arrogant they are to think they know more about Gaza than the New York Times and the UN!