Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arabs broadcasting on Israeli satellites

A number of Arabic news sources are repeating a story (word for word) claiming that six Iranian religious channels are using an Israeli satellite to help spread the (Shia) word of Allah.

According to the articles, a satellite tracking site lists the six Iranian channels being sent through the Israeli AMOS satellite and the RRSat Communications Network, which is Israeli.

The six channels are said to be Fadak, Al Imam Alhussein, Al Alamiya, Aal Al Bayt, Al Anwar and Al Ghadeer.

Because of this, the articles say, it proves that Iran and Israel are collaborating!

It appears that the source of this rumor is a Sunni site (naturally,) DD Sunnah.net.

The problem is - I cannot find any evidence of this. I do see that RRSat broadcasts some Farsi-language programs, like VOA Persia and BidariTV. But I cannot reproduce the evidence that they screen-capture to prove the Iranian Shiite religious channels are on either Amos or RRSat.

However, the Israeli Amos satellites do indeed broadcast Arabic stations. Al Fayhaa (Iraq), Al Masriya (Egypt), MBC (UAE), LBC (Lebanon) and Al Ordoniya (Jordan) all broadcast on the Israeli satellite.

Now, how many people will lose their jobs because of what I just discovered?