Friday, November 05, 2010

Arab "peace plans" of the 1970s

I just stumbled onto these...

From March, 1972 (click to enlarge):

King Hussein suggests a semi-autonomous Palestinian Arab state on the land that Israel would give him on West Bank, confederated with Jordan. And he helpfully adds that any other Palestinian territory Jordan eventually won from Israel would become a part of the West Bank state, saying that "the federation can include any part of Palestine we can liberate - Haifa, for instance."

I guess when Israel wins land in a war, it is an illegal occupation; when Arabs do, it automatically becomes a legal part of an expanded state.

From December, 1974 (click to enlarge):

Egypt's plan was simple: if Israel wants peace, it must stop all immigration and all population growth. For 50 years.

Sound absurd? Well, going back to 1949 armistice lines is just as absurd - but by dint of repetition, it has become conventional wisdom.