Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Zionist T-shirt for gentiles

After I made the T-shirt for non-Jewish women, I was asked to do one for men as well.

This posed a problem. The male equivalent of "shiksa" is "shaygetz" but it is not well known and can be taken offensively. Saying something like "Goys for Israel" could look like "Gays for Israel" at first glance, which could diminish the target audience a bit.

I mentioned the dilemma to the beautiful and talented Daughter of Ziyon this morning, and within ten seconds she came up with this slogan:
I couldn't resist!

My CafePress shop homepage went inexplicably down as I was creating the items, as did my product editing page, so I didn't yet get a chance to make the double-entendre product of the same logo on a pair of women's briefs. With apologies to those who this might offend, sorry, but it's just too funny and I will add that as soon as I can get back into the shop.

Anyway, CafePress seems to have a sale on this type of T-shirt today and you can get it for $15 rather than  $22 it costs normally. Available in three light colors; another version in dark colors is $25. Click here to order.