Friday, October 22, 2010

UNRWA website still silent on West Bank strike

The UNRWA workers' strike on the West Bank that started on Sunday is still in force:

Refugee camps in the West Bank district of Tulkarem face a health crisis as trash builds up in the streets due to an ongoing strike by workers employed by the UN's Palestine refugee agency.

"The situation in the camp is threatened by the strike, which is legitimate, and the fact that UNRWA has not agreed to the workers' demands," said Faisal Salameh, the head of the popular committee in Tulkarem refugee camp.

Clinics and other healthcare providers will be forced to close without the staff, he added.
Yet the UNRWA website, filled with press releases and news items, remains silent about the strike.

It's almost as if it cares more about PR than reporting the truth of what goes on in areas it administers.