Monday, October 11, 2010

A tiny glimpse at the Arab narrative

Commenter T34zakat points to an early English draft version of the history textbook that is supposed to show both the Arab and Zionist narrative.

I commented back that I was not thrilled with the book beginning its history with the advent of modern Zionism leading up to the Balfour Declaration, because it gave short shrift to thousands of years of Jewish history beforehand.

But glancing at the Arab narrative, I saw this gem on page 6:

The Balfour Declaration is considered a political gain for the Zionist movement at the expense of Arabs and Muslims, who originally owned the Holy Land.

How anyone can write such a sentence without their head exploding from cognitive dissonance, I have no idea. The implication is that Islam predates Judaism, which might be the Islamic perspective but no real historian could ever say that with a straight face.

If I have the stomach and the time for it, I'll keep looking through it.