Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Those awful Zionist summer camps

Palestine News Network writes:
Israeli Channel 2 broadcasted a report on summer camps for settler’s children in the West Bank, focusing on building settlements and singing religious songs.

One of the administrators of the camp said, “We are instituting the idea of settlements in Judea and Samaria to increase focus on building in them. The youth learn in this camp the importance of settlements and the hard work and number of hours that go into building them in the Land of Israel.”
How horrendous - singing about building towns and singing religious songs! That's just terrible! Much better if they would learn how to murder, the way that Hamas summer camps do:
The Fatah-affiliated Palestine Press Agency reported that the Hamas camps had been established in closed areas in various parts of the Gaza Strip so that the families would not see what's happening inside them.

The agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying that children were being taught how to fire automatic rifles and handle hand grenades.

"The military training is taking place in the early hours; children are being taught how to use Kalashnikov assault rifles and other weapons," said one eyewitness.

"The Hamas supervisors are also giving lectures to the children accusing Fatah of collaboration with Israel and betraying the Palestinians. They are also quoting phrases from the Quran that encourage the children to kill the 'traitors.'"
Back to PNN:
Professor Ibrahim Abu Jaber said in an exclusive interview with PNN, “The idea of Zionism is covered by the tint of religion, and the leaders of the Zionist movement focus on that angle to establish settlements and guarantee that they continue. Before, the Jews didn’t live in the mountains of the West Bank. But after the brainwashing was complete, the extremist movements continued night and day until a new generation occupied the hills.”
Of course, the Arabs didn't live in the mountains either, so the Jewish towns and villages are not taking away anyone's homes.

Then our peace-loving moderate Professor Jaber says what he really thinks:
“They’re not only settling in the West Bank, but in the greater occupied Palestine of 1948 and close to Arab cities.”
And there we have it. It is not the fact that Jews are living in the West Bank that gets Arabs hot and bothered - it is the fact that Jews are living in Israel altogether.

In an article that pretends to show how extremist Jews are, we can see that the average Arab is far more intolerant than even the most intransigent Jewish "settler."

(h/t My Right Word)