Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quick news hits

The Viva Palestina convoy has been delayed again, this time because of bad weather. It is supposed to sail from the Syrian port of Latakia to Egypt's El Arish on Monday. (Iranian media says that it expects that Israel would go into Egyptian territory to stop the aid from getting to Gaza. Really.)

Jimmy Carter and the other "Elders" - present company excluded - have entered Gaza for a day of hobnobbing with Hamas terrorist leaders in the interests of "fact finding."

Three people came up to Ayman Hamdan's home near Nablus in a village called Qusra overnight. He owns several agricultural projects. Two cars belonging to his business were torched, with the words "Death to you" scrawled on his steps. He caught it on videotape. While this sounds like the work of disgruntled employees, Hamdan is certain that they were Jewish settlers. This way he gets into the headlines and might even get compensation!

A large weapons and explosives cache were discovered in Southern Lebanon. By UNIFIL? Of course not - how often do they find any weapons or explosives that are buried under their feet by the ton? No, a bulldozer accidentally uncovered the cache.

Finally, a chimpanzee escaped from a Gaza zoo and entered a lecture hall at Al Quds University, where he sat and listened. Just more proof that those Jews, who excel at academics, are really the sons of apes.