Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lotsa links

CiF Watch and Melanie Philips on the dis-invitation of a pro-Israel speaker at a panel discussion in Belfast. Not only is Israel delegitimized, but also her defenders.

Yesterday, I quoted the European Jewish Congress warning on the dangers to Jewish communities in Europe, and one example was a "throw the [Israeli] soldiers into the sea" event for children. The Philosemitisme blog has more details on that event as well as one before it. (h/t Ora)

A new study methodically monitored Palestinian Arab posts on websites and found that - surprise! - they aren't nearly as moderate as the West insists they are! (h/t Daily Alert)

The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming - to Google!

Naomi Campbell is the latest celebrity to join the Kabbalah bandwagon.

Here is a video of a diamond that shows a Star of David in its internal pattern from all angles:

At this site you can see a video of a girl singing Old MacDonald - in Yiddish!

An interesting video summing up Turkey's crimes over the past century: