Friday, October 08, 2010

A leftist professor's advice for Palestinian Arabs

Francis Boyle is is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, and a former board member of Amnesty International who ended up criticizing the organization for being too pro-American. He says that the US is illegally occupying Hawaii. He is also a harsh critic of American foreign policy and (of course) of Israel, having once offered to "represent Iran in an international tribunal for trying the Zionist regime on charges of genocide of Palestinians."

He writes in the far left MWC News his advice for Palestinian Arabs:

After twenty-two years of getting nowhere but further screwed to Israel’s apartheid wall on the West Bank and strangulated in Gaza, it is now time for the Palestinians to adopt a new strategy, which I most respectfully recommend here for them to consider: Sign nothing and let Israel collapse! Recently it was reported that the United States’ own Central Intelligence Agency predicted the collapse of Israel within twenty years. My most respectful advice to the Palestinians is to let Israel so collapse!

For the Palestinians to sign any type of comprehensive peace treaty with Israel would only shore up, consolidate, and guarantee the existence of Zionism and Zionists in Palestine forever. Why would the Palestinians want to do that? Without approval by the Palestinians in writing, Zionism and Israel in Palestine will collapse. So the Palestinians must not sign any Middle East Peace Treaty with Israel, but rather must keep the pressure on Israel for the collapse of Zionism over the next two decades as predicted by the Central Intelligence Agency.

...In fact, Israel has never been a State but just an Army masquerading as a State -- a Potemkin Village of a State.

It is obvious that soon Zionism will enter into Trotsky’s “ashcan” of history along with every other nationalistic “ism” that has plagued humankind during the twentieth century: Nazism, Fascism, Francoism, Phalangism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc. The only thing that could save Zionism in Palestine is for the Palestinians to conclude any type of so-called comprehensive Middle East Peace treaty with Israel. It is for precisely that reason then that the Palestinians must sign nothing and let Israel collapse of its own weight over the next two decades.

Millions of Palestinians have waited in refugee camps since 1948 in order to return to their homes, that is for 62 years. They can wait a little longer until Israel collapses within 20 years. Otherwise, for the Palestinians to sign a comprehensive peace treaty with Israel means that they will never be able to return to their homes as required by Resolution 194 of 1948. History and demography are on the side of Palestine and the Palestinians against Israel and the Zionists. But the Palestinians must allow history and demography a little bit more time in order to produce the collapse of Israel and Zionism in Palestine. Twenty years is but the blink of an eye in the millennia-long history of the Palestinian People, who are the original indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. God had no right to steal Palestine from the Palestinians and give Palestine to the Jews to begin with. A fortiori the United Nations had no right to steal Palestine from the Palestinians and give Palestine to the Zionists in 1947.

When Israel collapses, most Zionists will have already left or will soon leave for other states around the world. The Palestinians will then be able to claim all of the historic Mandate for Palestine as their State, including the entire City of Jerusalem as their Capital. Palestine will then be able to invite all of its refugees to return to their homes pursuant to Resolution 194.

Some Jews will remain in Palestine either voluntarily or involuntarily. Palestine and the Palestinians will treat the remaining Jews fairly. Palestine and the Palestinians will not do to the Jews what Israel, Zionism, and the Zionists have done to the Palestinians.

The Palestinians must sign nothing and let Israel collapse!
So a leftist professor is advocating that they stop all negotiations and wait for the next twenty years.

Based on a CIA report that doesn't exist.

The CIA report was first mentioned in that bastion of truth and accuracy, Iran's Press TV, quoting an American anti-Israel wacko (and seeming Hezbollah groupie) named Franklin Lamb. It has been quoted in many places since then, but all of them point back to this PressTV report.

Israel bashers have been confidently predicting Israel's imminent demise for 62 years now. During all that time, Israel has continued to grow and strengthen in every respect. It has challenges - what country doesn't? - but it is far more viable and resilient than any conceivable Palestinian Arab state would ever be. At this point, even modern Israel is no longer so young - it is older than more than half the nations on Earth. It is an economic, military, educational, scientific and cultural powerhouse.

It isn't going anywhere.

Yet this supposed scholar, a professor at a respected university, takes this unsourced and unsubstantiated claim as fact.

Not only that, but Boyle,who claims to be a great supporter and admirer of Palestinian Arabs and their "millennia-long history," is telling them to stay in misery for a mere two decades longer - and then promises that they can then return to the homes of their dead ancestors.

He is telling a people who are stateless, who are discriminated against in every Arab country in which they are "guests," to tell their children that they need to cultivate their culture of hate for another generation, because inevitably the Zionist project will fail and they will get their chance to "return" to their idealized yet destroyed villages.

Just like their parents told them!

Is this how someone who loves a people treats them? He is telling Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon and Syria to prepare for their kids to be stateless for another generation, and then another, until his prediction comes true. Compromise is evil; nothing less than the destruction of Israel will do.

This is exactly what Palestinian Arabs have heard form their so-called "leaders" since the 1930s - and look how well that worked out for them!

(h/t Orna)

The theme of Israel's imminent demise can be seen in two other articles from this week alone: from Yvonne Ridley and in Al Ahram.

But, as I wrote above, this is hardly new.

I just found this article from 1951:

What would Boyle's advice have been in 1951?

(That article goes on to say that Israel is in no danger of collapsing.)