Saturday, October 30, 2010

Left wing activists caught cutting down Arab olive trees

From YNet:
Arabs and leftist activists staged an attack on Palestinian fields in a bid to accuse settlers of vandalism, an organization that claims to have documented the incident says.

Tazpit Unit [is] an organization identified with the settlers which documents news events in the territories. Tazpit says that these staged attacks were meant to falsely accuse settlers of attacking Palestinian land.
The photos, taken by members of the Tazpit Unit, were shot on Palestinian land Friday, near the Neveh Tzuf settlement. The images allegedly show Palestinians and left-wing activists cutting down Palestinian olive trees using an electric saw.
Here's the picture enlarged:
While it is possible/probable that some Jews have cut down Arab olive trees, I have still never seen a picture such as this one showing it - even though these "peace" activists are all over the West Bank looking for just such an event.

 I had mentioned this phenomenon before.