Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kuwait to run for UN Human Rights Council

Another joke in the offing:
Kuwait has decided to run for the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) membership for 2013-2015 in aim to what it calls “buttressing and disseminating” the culture of human rights, Kuna news agency reported on Thursday.

The country’s permanent representative at the U.N. Mansour al-Etebi has embarked on the UNHRC country’s decision during a U.N. General Assembly Social, Human and Cultural Committee meeting late Wednesday.

Al-Etebi repeated Kuwait’s commitment to spread the culture of human rights through the involvement of the country in all of the relevant international events pertinent to the development and protection of human rights and dignity.
The article goes on to helpfully point out that Kuwait has recently banned books at a book fair as well as stripped a man of his citizenship because he insulted Aisha, one of Mohammed's wives.

In addition, Kuwait restricts the hours that women are allowed to work, its press engages in self-censorship and you can get arrested for eating in public on Ramadan.

Sounds like a good fit with Libya, Saudi Arabia, China and the other freedom-loving members of the council.