Friday, October 08, 2010

Koran codes say that Israel has the biggest oil field on earth!

Al Arabiya in Arabic has a story about an Egyptian man who spent half his life puzzling out secret codes in the Koran to determine where on the planet one can find natural resources, like uranium, gold, natural gas and oil.

He's trying to convince Egyptian authorities to use his research to uncover untold riches of uranium, and he claims that they found some of them but didn't give him credit.

He also said:
There is also the largest gold mine in the world in Kuwait at a depth of 3312 meters, as well as the largest uranium mine in the world in Yemen, and the largest oil well is in occupied Palestine, and there in Medina two mines of gold, and in Mecca four gold mines, in addition to 3 archaeological treasures in Mecca, and 3 other archaeological treasures in the city of Medina, and there are 6 wells for oil and gas north of Yanbu.

Christians have done the same thing with the Bible to claim vast oil reserves in Israel.