Friday, October 08, 2010

Jordanian dad changes daughter's name from "Golda Meir" to "Aisha"

From Jordan's Ammon News:
The Jordanian Civil Status Department approved the request submitted by a local father to change the name of his 4-year old daughter from "Golda Meir" to "Aisha."

The approval comes following the pleas made by the father, Eyad Mustafa Ahmad Oudeh, over a radio station to change his daughter's name.

The father explained that he named his daughter "Golda Meir" to be able to get a visiting permit from Israel to see his three children, who live with their mother (the father's ex-wife) in occupied Jerusalem, as he said.

Israeli authorities did not allow the children to travel to Jordan to visit their father either, so he decided to change his daughter's name after losing faith in getting a visiting permit from Israel, Nablus T.V. reported.
This all makes no sense, of course. Did he really think that giving his daughter the name "Golda Meir" would cause Israel to bend rules on visiting permits? And when she was born he was not divorced, so was he clairvoyant?

While the story above is what is being reported in most Arabic media outlets, it turns out that there is more to the story.

I don't quite understand all the details of when he separated from his wife but a different version of the story mentions his other kids' names.

He has a 6-year old son named "peace" and a 2-year old named "bin Laden."

In other words, the father already had a screw loose, and tried to use his kids names to help bring peace to the world. Apparently his frustration with Israel for not allowing him to see his kids (his wife apparently said she was visiting Palestinian relatives for a short time and never came back) caused him to want to change his daughter's name away from something Israeli.

But he has no problem raising a son named "Bin Laden."