Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hunger strike time!

From the Al Qassam website:
Palestinian detainee Yehya Ibrahim Sinwar, head of the senior leadership of the detainees, said that Hamas detainees in the Zionist jails are preparing for [a hunger] strike inside their jails.

Sinwar said in a private message sent to his comrades of detainees and was obtained by Al Qassam website "We believe that this strike inside the jails will be a Watershed in the history of the detainees."

He added that the strike will be announced inside the jails when he announces that he entered the strike.

Sinwar said in his statement "The food during the strike will be water and salt only."

The Palestinian detainees have demands to be obtained from this strike "Our demands are concentrated in returning the isolated detainees to the jails, solving the problem of preventing visits, solving the problems of children and female detainees and solving the problems of health, education, punishment and conditions of life.

At the end of his letter, Sinwar demanded the supporters of the Palestinian detainees cause inside and outside Palestine to do their duty and organize a campaign to support them.
In the very first days of this blog, back in August 2004, Palestinian Arab prisoners started a similar hunger strike.

It sort of fizzled when Israel released a videotape showing that their leader, Marwan Barghouti, covered up the window and door of  his cell with a cloth and then sat down and ate. The prisoners claimed victory when they ended the strike but it appears that they didn't get a single concession.