Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hamas sprinkles Mavi Marmara dead's ashes on terrorist graves

From Ha'aretz:
Members of the Islamic Hamas movement Saturday scattered ashes from the nine Turkish activists killed by Israeli naval forces during the interception of their Gaza-bound flotilla on the graves of Hamas militants killed in Gaza.

The dust of the Turkish activists was brought to Gaza by campaigners form the aid convoy Lifeline 5 - which arrived in the coastal enclave on Thursday, Hamas officials said.

Mahmoud Zahar, a senior Hamas leader who scattered the ashes on Hamas militants' graves, told reporters that "this action reiterates the strong ties between the Turkish people and the Palestinians in confronting Israel."

He added "those campaigners of the freedom flotilla, had sacrificed themselves and their blood for breaking the siege imposed on Gaza. Today the dusts are mixed upon the request of the families of the Turkish victims."
But I thought it was a non-violent flotilla! Surely those people who were killed while wielding their metal bars and chains - people deeply committed to peaceful resistance - would be aghast at the idea of their remains being sprinkled on the graves of Hamas terrorists and fighters!

I'm sure that Free Gaza and Viva Palestina and the ISM, all deeply committed to peace and peaceful resistance, will protest the symbolism shown here immediately and loudly.

Any hour now.