Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guess who else recruits spies in Gaza?

Al Majd (The Glory"), a pan-Arab nationalist newspaper in Jordan that features a picture of Nasser on every page, is reporting that Egypt has been recruiting spies from among those who are traveling through the Rafah crossing - on behalf of the PA:
Palestinian sources revealed that Egyptian intelligence is currently intensifying its efforts to recruit a large number of Palestinian Gazans as they pass through the Rafah border crossing, who are subjected to bargaining aimed at turning them into intelligence agents

The sources confirmed that Egyptian intelligence is coordinating this with the Palestinian Authority, collaborating with Israel, and that the objective of reducing the smuggling of weapons into Gaza and weaken Hamas security, and to ascertain where the captured soldier Shalit is being detained.

Sources said that interrogations are aimed mainly at Gazans returning from Syria, including asking: How long did you spend in Syria, or any other country? Did you meet Syrians or Iranians? Do you know anyone in Hamas or Islamic Jihad or Hezbollah? Where you are staying in Syria? ... [as well as questions about] Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The sources said that most of the Gaza travelers who are under the age of the age of forty are referred to the Egyptian state security service, where they are offered temptations of money and promises to provide many services if they cooperate, and at the end of the session they are given telephone numbers to call the Egyptians and to tell them any activities related to Hamas and al-Qassam Brigades and government agencies in Gaza, or anything concerning relations between the [resistance] factions and Syria, Iran or Hezbollah.

The phone numbers go to Egyptians who are working in the Egyptian embassy in Ramallah.