Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Egypt gives five conditions to the convoy

From DPA:
Egypt said Wednesday that it presented the organisers of a Gaza-bound aid convoy with five conditions for allowing their ship to dock in Egyptian waters and for delivering the aid to Gaza.

The Egyptian ambassador in Syria met with the organisers of Viva Palestina 5 capital of Damascus to lay out Egypt's conditions for the entry of the aid, said Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hossam Zaky.

The ambassador informed the activists of measures which should be taken in order to facilitate the ship's docking at the Egyptian port of el-Arish and the subsequent entry of the aid into Gaza over land, Zaky said.

He did not specify what the conditions were.

The Viva Palestina activists, led by British parliament George Galloway, are expected to depart from the Syrian port of Latakia in the coming few days.
I would guess that the conditions include:

* Galloway doesn't step foot in Egypt
* A limit on the number of activists allowed into Gaza
* No demonstrations
* Galloway must dress up like an idiot and start running around.

Oh, sorry, he already met that condition: