Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Buycott" movement notches another victory

From The Brooklyn Paper:
Controversy sells — and in Brooklyn Heights, it’s also good for the skin.

Local Jewish leaders and anti-Israel protesters faced off on Montague Street — again — on Tuesday, holding a raucous debate over whether West Bank-made lotions sold at Ricky’s cosmetics shop support Israel’s “illegal” occupation of the embattled region.

In the end, the boycott supporters ended up actually promoting the Ahava products, as Heights residents flocked to Ricky’s with their wallets open.

Ricky’s employees said that they sell out of Ahava products every time there is a protest — and there have been others in Manhattan, a neighboring city.
Besides the beauty of the boycotters ending up promoting business for Ahava, you gotta love that a Brooklyn paper refers to Manhattan as "a neighboring city."

(h/t Buycott Israel)