Monday, October 25, 2010

Boycott Saleys Bags and Gifts

Saleys Bags and Gifts is a South African company that specializes in luggage, bags and keychains.

Recently, they decided that they don't want any business from people who support Israel:
'Sorry, we cannot supply you any of our goods as we don't want or need your blood money!"

This scathing comment, written on an invoice returned to the South African Zionist Federation, has angered some members of the local Jewish community, who are now seeking legal opinion against a Muslim-owned Johannesburg company.

The SAZF had placed an order with Saley's Travel Goods in Ormonde, Johannesburg, for 249 conference bags, which it wanted to hand out at its 47th conference in March next year.

But after placing the order and confirming it telephonically, the SAZF had their invoice returned with the strongly worded comments, purportedly signed by "management" of Saley's.

The unknown person who wrote on the invoice started off by writing "Dear", but then scratched it out and launched into a series of harsh words.

It continued: "Please do not contact us anymore and remove all our contact details from your records and we will do likewise. We don't want to aid and abet organisations that are responsible for crimes against humanity!"

Two lines were also crossed over the invoice, worth R8841.59, with the words: "Please don't pay! Don't contaminate our account with your blood money!"

The SAZF - which describes itself as an organisation acting on behalf of the South African Jewish community in matters relating to Israel, and which is the local representative of the World Zionist Organisation - reacted angrily to the snub, with office bearer Ben Swartz saying they are seeking legal opinion.

"We believe it amounts to hate speech," Swartz told the Sunday Times on Friday.

He said the SAZF had previously placed numerous orders with Saley's over the years and "never experienced a problem like this with them before".
Note that this awful Zionist organization never had a problem buying products from this Muslim-owned company in the past.

Their feedback form is here. You might want to (politely) drop them a line.

(h/t CiFWatch for image)