Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Arabs freak over Egyptian food company selling products to Israel

The asymmetry between how much Israel wants peace and how much her neighbors desire peace can be seen by how each side regards trade with Israel.

Whenever Israel is found to have exported products to Arab countries, whether directly or indirectly, there are angry Arab protests at this Zionist economic invasion. We've seen it happen with Israeli dates, paper cups, and even a rumor about graduation gowns.

No one from Israel seems to have a problem with exporting goods to those evil, subhuman Arabs. In fact, they welcome it - because, more than anything else, Israelis want peace.

How about imports? Perhaps Arab anger at trade with Israel is simply the perception that Israeli products will take jobs away from local Arab workers?

No, not quite.

An Egyptian company that specializes in frozen vegetables is being pilloried in the Arab press for selling goods to Israel - which are openly being displayed in Israeli supermarkets,Arabic labels and all. Even worse, the articles say that the IDF bought goods from this company "during the Gaza war," although it is unclear how they know this.

Interestingly, the company's website offers to "white label" any of their brands that importers might desire. Those bigoted Israeli haters aren't even trying to hide that they are buying goods from the enemy!

Peace means normalization - two way trade and tourism, full political ties. Apparently, only one side really desires peace.

And all the anti-Israel propaganda in the world cannot erase that simple fact.