Thursday, October 14, 2010

And more administrivia

I just saw that I was quoted at The National Interest website, along with some heavy hitters, in a rundown of posts about Ahmadinejad's visit to Lebanon.

My ego was then deflated when I saw that my Alexa ranking is higher than that of The National Interest, even though that is a real magazine with real subscribers.

So they will get more hits from my mentioning them here than I will get from their mentioning me!

I never realized that CafePress has competition. Just to try it out, I opened up a store at Printfection, (It still needs a lot of tweaking, but it is live.)

One advantage of Printfection is that I can sell an unlimited number of items, as opposed to Cafepress' free store.  So if I come up with an interesting graphic, I can sell it in some 40 forms, from T-shirts to mugs to mousepads.

To test it out, I created this image, saying "I Love Israel" in three Hebrew, English and Arabic::

If you like it, you can order products with this graphic right now.

I can create a section for every design, so if this works out, I will start to port my existing designs to the new store.

Check it out!

Finally, Mazel Tov to EBoZ (x2) and to Other Brother of Ziyon and their families!